What kind of people do we offer help to?

“There is no way I can truly express my gratitude to TABS for the generosity shown to my family, and not only in financial terms but also for their kindness and support.”

Mother of teenage family

“I was made redundant and my son died under very tragic circumstances. TABS was there for me, and without their help I would never have got back on my feet.”

Grandmother raising grandchildren following bereavement

“My thanks to TABS for enabling me to live these later years in some comfort and security.”

Elderly widower

“My young daughter underwent medical treatment for a serious condition and I am forever grateful to TABS for the support they gave me during this difficult time”

Father of young child

“On behalf of all the family, can I thank TABS for helping with the everyday expenses of education and rearing our children?”

Widow and mother of 4

“Thank you so much for helping me through these difficult days.”

Re-employed ad man following redundancy